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Cortez Rescue & Outreach is a non-profit public benefit organization dedicated to the health and well being of stray and abandoned dogs. Based in Baja, Mexico – our Cortez Rescue & Outreach Center is situated at the back of Dr Gretel’s Veterinary clinic in the town of Las Cuevas. We serve the geographical region of Las Cuevas to Cabo Pulmo/La Ribera and to Los Barriles and San Bartolo. We are a non-profit organization registered both in Mexico and the US which means that you can make tax efficient donations while doing a great thing for our community!

What we are trying to achieve.

Our vision is to eradicate cruelty and mistreatment of animals in the East Cape region through education and community support. We promote responsible pet ownership through collaboration with existing spay and neuter networks, and through our own efforts to provide spay/neuter services to those who need it. We develop educational programs to promote and inform the community about the treatment and re-homing of our canine friends. These efforts cannot be done alone, and we are proud to work alongside the existing spay and neuter networks SNAP and Amigos de Animales.

What we do.

There are many facets to the tireless, labor of love that takes place everyday at Cortez Rescue. Our dedicated staff and volunteers rescue and re-home abandoned, sick and cruelly treated animals at an alarming frequency. The daily tasks required to make this happen are substantial involving feeding, training, hands-on care and therapy, medical procedures and subsequent after-care, socializing, coordinating, educating and beyond. It is true that no matter what unfortunate circumstances a dog in our care has experienced, they will receive the care, love and support that they need to live a full and comfortable life. Cortez Rescue has created a unique and effective program to bring about the much needed change in animal treatment and ownership within our community.

What we have achieved so far.

Cortez Rescue & Outreach has rescued and re-homed over a thousand dogs since we began operation in 2018. Spreading the word – our spay and neuter folios support the important spay and neuter message which is heavily circulated and adopted by a large part of the population in Los Barriles. Feeding the region – thanks to the kindness of our community, we continue to distribute free bags of dog food to the most needy in our community – specifically those households without income through the tough summer months when the tourist dollar disappears.

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