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Cortez Rescue runs on the support of it’s volunteers. There are many ways to serve the dogs.

What Volunteers Are Saying

Hello to all with whom I worked and learned: It has been a week since I returned to the states. I miss the dogs, the training I received from Brian, the coaching I received from others I worked with including the dogs and their body language! What a privilege to be part of the efforts of Cortez Rescue. This year was the most rewarding time with the dogs as I could see immense progress with the behaviorist training, consistency among all handlers and “ can do” attitudes among all. The dogs were more relaxed and making progress. Thank you Terri for the opportunity to join in on this endeavor. I look forward to returning in Feb to continue this labor of love❣️ Charlie

Thank You Terri & the Cortez leadership for allowing me and my wife Liz to be a part of this fantastic organization for the past four months! The tribute given to you on the Cortez page was well deserved! Cortez Rescue has made an incredible impact on the community of Los Barilles, and more importantly the four-legged, and a few three-legged lucky dogs! A special shout out to Brian & Carol. You proved that an “Old Dog” like me can also learn new tricks! The knowledge and guidance you shared with me will always be valuable tools! Leaving the rescue at Las Cuevas for the last time this past Saturday was bittersweet, knowing it was the last day I will be able to connect with the dogs, but also knowing that they will always be cared for by people that love and value them! All the best to all! Fred & Liz

Ways To Volunteer


Working At The Shelter

Coming out to the Rescue Shelter and Volunteering with Walking the Dogs is a wonderful opportunity to get involved and get lots of loving cuddles from the amazing Cortez dogs. You'll get dusty and dirty but have a lot of fun and feel great about getting the dogs out of the kennels for a walk. Walkers are scheduled by the Volunteer Coordinator and go to the rescue in the mornings or carpool for the scheduled shift.



Fostering is a great way to get involved and enhance a life, you might be surprised by how much YOUR life is enhanced by your foster dog. Fostering is the loving service of bringing a dog into your home to help socialize, train, provide a break from the hectic shelter environment, or recover from a medical procedure. The positive effects of fostering can not be over stated - FOSTERING SAVES LIVES!


Airport Runs & Vanimal Drivers

Airport volunteer drivers are needed when lucky pups get to fly out. You would pick up the traveling dog at Cortez,, along with their kennel & paperwork & meet flight angel/escort at the Cabo Airport departure level. (Complete details provided when you sign up and a run through). The Vanimal is the Cortez Transport Van that serves the purpose of moving dogs around. We weekly feature dogs at community events in Los Barrilles. The Vanimal gets the dogs there and back. We frequently also need drivers to drive a load of dogs from the shelter to the US border as they travel north to their forever homes. If you like dogs and driving, this is the perfect job for you!


If you are going on vacation near Cabo (or live there) you have the opportunity to escort one of our rescues to their forever home on your trip back to the US or Canada..at no cost to you! We make it super easy for you…we meet you at the Cabo airport with the lucky dog and all necessary paperwork and the porter brings them to check in. If the dog is larger than 20 pounds, it will go in cargo and if less than 20 pounds, it may go in the cabin. You can tell us if you have a preference, but most of our dogs go in cargo. At your destination, you pick up the dog, show customs the provided paperwork and then the adopter or foster will meet you at the airport to pick up the lucky dog. This is such an important piece to giving the rescue dog a new life, and you are part of it! The joy and satisfaction is a rewarding feeling shared by all of our escorts. Thank you! Please e mail info@cotezrescue.org and put ESCORT in the subject and we’ll contact you and get the ball rolling.
Testimonial from a Flight Escort...
"Cortez Rescue made it super easy to give a pup a ride north. They did everything! They met me at the airport, paid for their fare, made arrangements out and on the other side! I'd totally help out again if I was flying out of LB. It was so nice to see the smiles of the family that picked him up in St. Louis. It was lovely!", Lynn


Working At The Market & Other Events

The Saturday Market is a great opportunity for Cortez to showcase ourselves and inform community market attendees what we do and extend invitations to volunteer or meet our pups for adoption if interested. We are in constant need of volunteers to work the Cortez table at the market. If you have an interest in promoting the great work of Cortez Rescue, selling dog supplies and accepting donations, please let us us know.


Helping With Special Projects

Maintaining the shelter in optimal condition requires a lot of work and volunteer hours. The shelter periodically needs new fencing, dog houses, painting, general maintenance, the list goes on. If you'd like to join us with your muscle for one of these events we can sure use it! If you prefer to make a donation for supplies and materials, we are grateful for that too!

Interested In Joining Us?

Frequently Asked Questions

I Would Like To Be A Flight Escort, What's The Process? How Much Notice Do You Need?

You can send an email to info@cortezrescue.org with your flight date and flight information. Or you can go to Cabo Pet Escorts FaceBook page and provide your information there. There is no cost to you escorting a dog. The more notice of your travel date the better but sometimes with just a weeks notice we can make arrangements. You will be contacted if your flight fits to help get a dog out. Cortez arranges everything and connects you to the airport driver, who will meet you with the dog and provide all necessary paperwork. You’ll also be connected to who will meet you once you land.

I'd Like To Help Out But I Can't Commit To A Regular Schedule, Can I Still Volunteer?

Absolutely! Send us a message through the contact form and we will notify you next time we have a special work day coming up and we’d love to have you join us!

We Would Like To Help From Afar, What Can We Do?

You can foster and promote your foster dog for adoption in your community. You can advocate for Cortez through social media and spreading the word about us. Donations are always helpful and be sure to have Cortez linked to your Amazon Smile account, tell family and friends about how to link Cortez to their Amazon Smile accounts too!

What Kind Of Things Do Volunteers Do At The Rescue?

Volunteer time at the Rescue is coordinated through the Volunteer Coordinator. You can sign up right here on this web page and we can get you scheduled. Cortez periodically provides Volunteer Training and Orientation sessions so you will have an understanding of what to and what not to do while at the Rescue. You will not be alone at the Rescue and there will be other staff and volunteers there with you to help. While at the Rescue we mostly give the dogs love and time outside the confines of their kennels. We walk them, pet, give them lots of love and socialization. It is truly a rewarding experience.

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