Ways To Give

The ways to give to Cortez Rescue are many and all are appreciated. Every gift and contribution goes directly to the care and rehoming efforts of our dogs.

Giving Has Never Felt So Good

Your donation goes directly, and fully, to help the hundreds of dogs we care for every year.

Cortez Rescue is a Non Profit, Public Charity under US IRS IRC code 501(c)(3), We are an approved 501 (c) 3 in the state of Washington as well as an official non-profit in the state of Baja California Mexico. Any donations made are therefore tax efficient.

Monthly -Recurring Donations

Signing up to make a monthly donation is a wonderful way to support Cortez Rescue. Because your gift is continuous and we know we can count on it, your monthly donations help us budget and project how many dogs we can care for in the foreseeable future.

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Donation Total: $10.00 One Time

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Donate Now

Cortez thrives on the generosity of our community of freinds and supportors. 100% of every single donation is put to use caring for the dogs we are responsible for. No donation is too small, or large, to make a meaningful difference in a dog’s life. Thank You.

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Donation Total: $10.00 One Time


The Wall Of Fame

At Cortez we Love all of our Dogs, the ones currently in our care and the ones who have moved on to their forever homes! It brings us joy to pull up at the rescue and see so many of our friend's names painted on the wall. If you would like to have your Cortez dog recognized or memorialized on our wall, please make a $15 contribution and we'll add your dogs name to our wall. Be sure to add a note in your payment that your donation is to the Wall of Fame and be sure to list your dogs name.

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Donation Total: $15.00 One Time


Business Partnerships

Cortez Rescue loves to partner with businesses in our community. We appreciate your generousity and support. We’d like to make our friendship official and provide your business with the recognition you deserve by being a supporter of Cortez. Your business will be featurerd on our website as a friend so everyone will recognize you as a strong community supporter. Contact us and we can discuss the details of becoming a Business Partner.

Legacy Gift

A Legacy Gift is planned giving by making a gift to Cortez Rescue & Outreach through your will, trust, or other financial plan. Giving through a will or trust ensures that your legacy will be honored in the ways that matter most to you.


Sponsor A Road Trip

Average trip is about 4 days. Moving our pups to homes and rescue partners in the US. Each Road Trip gets 12-28 lucky dogs(each trip varies). Cost of each run is approximately $2,000. $500 Baja side (gas, hotel, food & misc). $1500 US side (rental vehicle, gas, hotels, food & misc). Drivers/handlers are Cortez volunteers.

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Donation Total: $2,000.00


Special Projects

Cortez Rescue is continuously in need of upgrades, renovations, fresh paint, new fencing, kennel improvements, etc. As project needs arise we will be posting project work dates. As project material needs surface – the project always seem to come with the need for volunteer efforts too. Financial donations for projects are always appreciated. We know you have a special skill and talent that would benefit Cortez Rescue. Sheer muscle and volunteer work is always welcome, drop us a note of how you might be able to help!

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Donation Total: $100.00 One Time

Supplies Wish List

Cortez Rescue is in continuous need of dog supplies – collars, leashes, harnesses, bowls, beds, … Cortez has a partnership account with where you can shop our wish list and make purchases for our shelter.


Frequently Asked Questions

I'm In East Cape And Have Some Old Bedding I No Longer Use, Where Can I Drop It Off For The Corterz Pups?

Awesome! We can always use old sheets, blankets, towels, etc… There is a donations bin at Mini Cortez on Don Pepe and another large item donation location drop off at Homes & Land office.

I Have Dog Food To Donate, Where Can I Drop It Off?

Thank You! You can drop dog food donations off at the offices of Ronival Real Estate or Hones & Land of Baja or at Mini Cortez on Don Pepe.

Is There A Time Of Year When Donations Are Most Needed?

Summer tends to be our hardest time with heat, humidity, lower travelers (flight escorts) and fewer volunteers. But really year round support is needed; recurring monthly donations are a great way to support Cortez Rescue.

Where Can I Donate These Spare Pesos And Dollars I Have Laying Around?

Glad You Asked! Every little bit helps and we are grateful for the donation! You can find Cortez Rescue donation boxes conveniently located at Joe’s Deli, Joe’s Pizza, Maxico, Lazy Daze, Ronoval, Maria’s Cafe, Rancho Leonero, Trinitys, Smokeys, and Vagos. We have a dedicated volunteer that empites them weekly and 100% of these funds go to dog care.

If I Make A General Donation To Cortez Rescue But Don't Make It For Any Specific Purpose, How Does It Get Used?

100% of all donated money goes to the operations of Cortez Rescue and the care of the dogs. No donations go toward administrative costs or management.

Does My Financial Donation To Cortez Rescue & Outreach Have A Tax Advantage In The US?

Cortez Rescue is a Non Profit, Public Charity under US IRS IRC code 501(c)(3), We are an approved 501 (c) 3 in the state of Washington as well as an official non-profit in the state of Baja California Mexico. Any donations made are therefore tax efficient. Consult your tax advisor to discuss your individual situation.

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