I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Chumehas a new furever home.
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11/26: weighs 40.8 lbs
Chume was rescued from the streets. Starving and sickly with an advanced case of Tick Fever. Here's what her Foster mom of 2 months has to say:

Chume is just a sweet old Lady that wants a chill loving home with dog beds, treats, consistent meals and to feel safe and loved. She is one of my favorite fosters I've ever had. When she looks at me with those eyes it just melts my heart. She came to me in really bad shape. Most of her hair was dead and looked bleached out. She had a big chunk missing from her ear, which had happened not long before we got her as the scab was still there. She has a deformed nose where her nostrils are barely open. When we first got her, they were crusty and constantly closing shut from snot. You could tell Chume had really never experienced love and affection. She was shy of being touched and kept her distance. But after a few days in our home, she began to come around. She really liked a nice comfy dog bed but still preferred to spend her time outside, which she was used to. After a bit more time with us she realized that being inside, in her bed, in the AC and in a safe environment was quite pleasant and she is now a house dog.

Chume is at her optimal weight now, her hair has turned to a beautiful chocolate brown, her nose does not get crusty anymore. After a bath she shivers and likes a nice fluffy towel to keep her warm. She does enjoy gentle pets and in return will give you kisses. She gets along with all dogs as she tends to be submissive.

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