I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Churrohas a new furever home.
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3/9: current weight is 47.4 lbs

Foster Update:  Churro is a happy, quiet, INCREDIBLE dog even though he is still recovering and not 100% (on another round of deworming, is still on his tick fever medication and is on joint supplements for his hips). He LOVES to be cuddled and will push himself into you to be as close as possible; he just loves to be where you are to have that interaction and attention. Churro is not a highly energetic dog. He loves to be told he’s a good boy and is very eager to please. He is eager to learn because he is food motivated and loves his dog treats (Frodi’s).
He has learned to sit on command without saying a word (hand movement) and he is learning to stay out of the kitchen when I’m cooking. He still sleeps through the night and waits until I wake up to let him out or feed him. He does not bark at people, other dogs, or anything. I’ve only heard him bark once the entire time I’ve had him and that was at a dog that was growling and barking angrily at my car window as I was driving away from it. I don’t think Churro liked him growling and barking at me - Churro barked twice at him and that was it. He is doing great in the truck with a seatbelt latch on.

I have not had him around kids or cats. We came across some cattle on our walking path this morning (1st time). Churro stopped dead in his tracks and wouldn’t walk towards the cow but he never barked. When the cow turned around and walked away, he still wouldn’t continue down the path because there were other cows off to the side. I watched to see what he would do and he turned around and walked back the way we came to get away from them.

I am feeding him almost 2 cups of food in the morning and 2 cups in the evening (per the Vet’s instructions).  She was very concerned about his weight because he had lost weight since she originally saw him.

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