I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Indicahas a new furever home.
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11/25: Current weight is 18.7lbs

Estimated DOB: October 17, 2022

I'm currently in foster and available for adoption in the PNW!

I'm a little shy right now, only because I don't know what happened. I had a home, but now i don't. I'm full grown and full of love.

Update from current adopter/foster 11/5/2023:

Indy is a female Jack Russel- Italian Greyhound mix. She is about 1 year 6 months, spayed and up to date on shots. She is black and white and weighs about 24 lbs. She doesn’t have any known health concerns. I have had Indy since July 2023. When I first adopted her she was nervous, reserved, followed me everywhere, would come when I called her and was very passive with my current dog. She is now very confident, follows her routines and is 100% housebroken. She is very sweet when she is calm, and especially during the evenings or mornings when we are moving slow. She loves to snuggle up on the couch or in bed. She will snuggle her nose under your arm or in your lap. She will let you know when it’s time to get up with a lick on your face.


She is good with baths and nail trims. She loves to be towel dried after a bath or coming inside from the rain. Indy is very food motivated. When she knows it’s time to eat or she sees me putting her food together, she is very excited. She will sit and wait for me to say “ok” to eat. She loves treats and will usually come, sit, off (when jumping) for treats. At first she did well when I left her home alone with my other dog. She is in a crate when I leave. She does very well in the crate. She willingly gets in and I give her treats. When I am home, I leave the door open and she will sometimes lay down in the crate. In the yard, Indy loves to run and play with my other dog. Indy loves being outside and exploring.


She will need a fenced yard. She escaped from the yard and ran off. When she is free she is very focused on running away. On a couple of occasions she has stopped and run back to me for a “treat.” Once, after about 30 minutes, she came back on her own. Indy loves to take walks on the leash.  Indy has a lot of energy and would probably appreciate a run versus a walk. If we are walking and another person comes, she may whine, but will continue to walk with me. If someone with a dog comes, if she becomes very vocal, I tell her to “leave it” and continue moving.


In the house, Indy loves to play with my other dog. They play with toys, chase each other. They share chews and chew together on bones. They clean each other, sniff each other. They take naps together, snuggling on top of each other in a poof, watching out the window. 


  • Finding Indy another home has been a very difficult decision. She has such great moments and can be such a sweet loving dog. I am hoping that there is a better match for Indy. I think a home where she is able to get out for some frequent runs or walks may help. She may also do better with someone who is familiar with Jack Russel-Italian Greyhounds and how to work with them.



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