I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Justihas a new furever home.
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7/1: weight is 54 lbs

May Foster Update: We have been enjoying Justi! She’s such a sweetie and when she is calm, she is so easy. She’s super smart, loving, and protective. She needs a lot of stimulation and now that she’s mostly healed, our big yard has provided the space for her to run and play. She has really taken to chewing on a cowhide bone, almost excessively - it’s the one thing that will calm her at any given moment. She can be a bit much as she doesn’t know her own strength yet and can be a a little rough. She is good at communicating her needs and wants. She will would do best in a home with a big yard so she can run around. We’ve been working with her on sit, stay, come, and heel - some more successfully than others but she’s not been on lots of walks yet. We are happy to have been able to provide her a safe place to enjoy.

April Foster Update: Justi is such a love bug.  She is eager to show affection and doesn’t always know she’s a 50-pound ball of joy; as she prefers to lay on you. She recovered well from her broken leg surgery, but now has broken her toe. She is such a playful pup; she doesn’t know her limits in play. Even though she’s very playful with other dogs, she is also quite mellow natured and will just lay around waiting for the right moment to snuggle up with you. She needed reminding not to jump up on people or furniture but listened after two tries and a spray bottle. She’s still working on house breaking but knows “sit,” “wait,” and is learning “down.”  She’s pretty good on a leash, she doesn’t pull, but is still all over the place while she explores all the new things that are so exciting to her. There have only been a couple times when she was off leash, but she stayed close by and came back when called. She loves to greet people and dogs but is still learning how to read dog cues, especially when a dog is not interested in playing. Justi is going to be such a joy for the family that gives her her forever home.

March Foster Update: I have had Justi since yesterday afternoon. She is mellow, only barks to alert, sleeps all night. She’s been amazing & listens well and responds well to spray bottle for staying off counters and is doing good with house training.

Justi is an energetic girl. She is full of happiness and fun. This girl can play, play, play. She loves all dogs, especially her puppy friends. Justi had a rough start as she was rescued at just 2 months with a broken leg. She had surgery and went straight to foster. Unfortunately while in foster Justi re-broke her leg. We just couldn't keep this playful pup down to recover. After her 2nd surgery Justi had to spend 6 weeks in a very small pen alone so that she could heal properly. But this little girl is finally the playful pup she has always wanted to be. 

Medical history:                                                                                                                                                                             11/04/22 Surgery for broken femur                                                                                                                                        11/22/22  Surgery for re-break of femur                                                                                                                                 02/13/23 Surgery for aural hematoma in both ears                                                                                                             04/22/23 Broken toe wrapped

06/16/23 Scar fibrotic tissue removal surgery 


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