I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Nirahas a new furever home.
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10/15: current weight 38.6 lbs

Estimated DOB: 05/03/22

Recent Foster Update: Nira, with her distinctive frown, is actually a very happy girl. Although initially shy, she warms up within a few minutes. In the beginning, she appeared to be afraid of men, but being her foster for over 3 months, she grew quite fond of me and the last time I looked, I was a man. My brother-in-law was also one of her favorites. She is very fond of treats, but always waited her turn with the other dogs. She showed no sign of food aggression. With other dogs, she can play gently or as rough as the roughest. She liked to play chase because she was so good at it with her speed.

Foster Update: Nira came to Cortez as a puppy. She did not get into foster right away so she was initially quite fearful of people. She will still bark at newcomers, but after a few minutes, calms down and is very loving. She is very good with other dogs and definitely is not the dominant type. She loves to run and is built for speed. She was a little hesitant of car rides at first but now she has figured out that it means an off leash walk where she can run to her hearts content. She is also very good on a leash. She has a bit of a prey drive and will run after anything that moves. She isn’t much of a swimmer, but is not afraid of the water. Eventually, I think she will get into swimming. She is totally housetrained and very quiet in the house and only barks when the other dogs do. 

Nira is a curious girl. Fun and playful. So darn cute to boot! She is friendly and sweet.  Has an adorable little underbite. Affectionate, loves people, likes walks. Happy to chill with you. 


Before leaving Cortez Rescue, all dogs will be given a full medical assessment to insure optimum health, current vaccinations, and desexed

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