I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Nueceshas a new furever home.
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12/5: current weight is 47 lbs

Estimated DOB: 12/06/2022

Hello! My name is Nueces. I'm in foster in Baja, MX but I can fly up to you anytime!

Foster Update 10/17: My name is Nueces! That translates to "nuts" in Spanish. It's a silly name but I think it fits me because I am plain goofy at times and at others I am the sweetest most expressive pup. I'm a tall, skinny girl with big, beautiful eyes and long legs. My foster parents have taught me a lot of things like sit, stay and lay down. They have also taught me to stay out of the kitchen and to go lay down while my meals are prepared, so I'm pretty smart! I'm very food motivated so treats help me learn. I really enjoy getting my zoomies out in my big, fenced yard. Every morning I walk my yard and smell the plants and make sure everything is in it's place. If I see or hear something I will bark but I don't really bark much at all. In the house I love to pick my favorite toys out of the box and lay on my blanket to play with them. My favorite chew toy is my hoof, as long as I have them around I don't chew on anything else. I am completely housebroken, get along with other dogs after proper introductions. I love to snuggle in my bed overnight. Even though it's nice at my foster house I'm getting bigger and would really love to find my furever person to bond with and spend my days with. I have so much love to give! 

Love Nueces xoxoxoxo 

08/03 Foster Update: I am the sweetest most expressive pup - just look into my eyes, they will always be on you expressing how much I love you, trust you, and need you.  I never stray but stay close to my human family.  I am not a huge cuddler, but I want to be near and I do love belly rubs now and again.  I am still learning not to jump for my food, but a slightly stern voice reminds me I should sit.  I am quite smart and learn quickly even if my instincts take over now and again.  I am a protector of my pack - human and doggie - and will bark if something comes near that I do not know.  I stop immediately once I have an introduction though - as I said, I trust my human family.   My foster would say I am very soulful!  

All of the pups from this litter are extremely food motivated and train well with treats. They understand a stern voice and quickly stop doing what they are doing if used. They know “sit” and “gentle” in English and Spanish. Although they go to the bathroom frequently, they can hold it all night and try to go away from their living area when they do need to go.  They always go to the bathroom off trail, in bushes, or away from human scent.  For the time we had them they did not chew on things.

Nueces has been tested with cats. She seems distrustful of them but doesn’t attack them; more that she is unsure of them.

08/03/23 Medical update: Nueces is showing beginning signs of hip dysplasia. Starting with joint supplements. May need local adoption in Baja.

Before leaving Cortez Rescue, all dogs will be given a full medical assessment to insure optimum health, current vaccinations, and desexed

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