I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Odessahas a new furever home.
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From Odessa foster mom: Odessa is doing great. She was a little timid the first night but got over that very quickly. She is such a pleasant happy little dog and is so easy to have around. She gets along great with our two other dogs with the only hitch being that she is five years younger and they are not quite as eager to play with her as she is with them. She does get them going though.
She was very hesitant to enter the house. I assumed that she was not allowed in the house before. I had to pick her up and carry her to her bed inside at night. Like everything else, she adapted very quickly. Now she runs right in and I have to confess that she has decided that she wants to sleep on the sofa now. We let our other dogs pretty much have the run of the house, so she does too. Totally house trained with no problems at all.
Odessa follows us everywhere and when we are in our gated neighborhood or on the beach she is fine off leash. She comes when called and does not even think of going anywhere else. That is probably partly because she sticks with our other dogs. She does seem to want to chase vehicles though which my dogs don’t do so she must have had that before. If I see a car or quad, I leash her up and she definitely pulls and wants to go after them. Something her new family will have to be aware of and work on.

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