I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Oliahas a new furever home.
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1/5: weight is 60.4 lbs

2nd Foster Update: Olia is a bit of a velcro dog at home she will follow you around and likes to be close. She loves snuggles; she just wants to be in contact with you so she often chooses to sit on you rather than next to you. She thinks she’s lap dog size. She loves to sleep so is very easy at home, she needs a bit of stimulating every couple of hours like play tug of war, chewing on a bone, something like that. She’s fine to be left alone at home. Recently though she has started to look for food on the countertops if she’s bored. Last week I was away on a work trip and my partner was working so she was home alone for 8hrs, which was a first since she’s been with us; she did find something to chew on. So, she has some separation anxiety, but mostly I think it was because it was out of her routine. She has been fine when we leave her alone in the evenings. 

On walks Olia is good and bad. She’s made progress with pulling but it’s an ongoing process which will need to be continued. She plays really well at the dog park but she does love to wrestle and because of her size and strength people get a bit nervous sometimes. But she’s never been aggressive to a dog, she knows when to back off. Her recall is not amazing, if she’s interested in something then she won’t respond. This is especially an issue recently when she sees. She chases it and it’s really difficult to get her to come back. We are working on reinforcing 'come' on a walk but this is further training she will need. 

She has random and changing triggers it seems. She hates electric scooters, skateboards and recently trucks. Sometimes even a certain person will cause her to bark, this is more likely at night time. But she doesn’t always lunge or bark at these things, it seems to depend on her mood. If she’s distracted with a treat she’s fine. But she’s strong so when she pulls at something it is stressful. And similarly, she always pulls towards birds or squirrels and stops responding to commands. 

But she is good with her commands around the house and on walks like sit, paw, wait, down, out. She’s especially improved with sitting and waiting while her foods on the floor or while you open the door. Oh, and she rarely barks; we’ve had no complaints from neighbors. But she will sometimes if she hears someone approaching the door. 

Foster update: Olia is a love bug; she absolutely loves to cuddle and snuggle! She is fully housetrained and sleeps all night in her own bed, she even likes to sleep in till 7 or 8am!!!! She walks well on a leash, but loves to run free on the beach playing fetch with sticks. When beach time is over, she easily gets back on leash to walk home. She sits well and we are now working on stay and other commands. She is a smart girl. She mastered the doggie door quickly all by herself. Olia is still very much a puppy at heart. She is very curious and a bit mischievous at times. Of note is that Olia is ‘mostly’ great with small kids but when she gets super playful, she bites (trying to grab the leash, ball or toy) and jumps. We've been working on this and she's improving a ton but she is just so strong and full-on that my young kids keep getting nipped or pushed/pulled down.

Olia was found abandoned in Los Barriles. She barely had any hair and was very skinny. But to our surprise the Vet found nothing wrong with her: no mange, no tick fever, nothing. Her hair is growing back and she has become one gorgeous girl. She is super playful and likes to chase balls. 

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