I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Oreohas a new furever home.
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12/4: current weight is 36.2 lbs.  Expected to be Midsized.

Estimated DOB:  6/4/23

I'm currently in Baja, Mexico but I'm ready to fly to you!

Introducing Oreo, the resilient and adorable canine searching for a loving forever home! This courageous pup has a heartwarming story that speaks volumes about her strength and determination. Found alone in an abandoned house, Oreo's tale of survival is a testament to her tenacity and spirit.

Oreo is not just any dog; she's a true survivor. Despite the hardships she faced early in life, she has emerged with a heart full of love and a wagging tail that never seems to stop. This lovable pooch is a mixed breed, combining the best traits of various breeds, making her as unique as he is charming.

One look into Oreo's soulful eyes and you'll see a dog who yearns for a second chance at happiness. Her journey may have begun in adversity, but her future holds the promise of unconditional love and endless joy. Oreo is not just a dog seeking an adopter; she's a faithful companion waiting to bring boundless affection and loyalty into a new home!

Foster Update 25/11/23: Oreo is such an amazing dog and filled with love. She gets along with all dogs and cats, sits and is trained to go to the bathroom outside. She is kennel trained and actually walks into her kennel at night to go to sleep. I miss her. 

Before leaving Cortez Rescue, all dogs will be given a full medical assessment to insure optimum health, current vaccinations, and desexed. 

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