I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Palomohas a new furever home.
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5/26: current weight is 51.8 lbs

Foster update: Palomo does not like to be disturb while sleeping. If you try to pet him while he's sleeping he will give you a growl.  And who likes to be bothered when they are sleeping, right?

Foster Update: Palomo is perfect and the sweetest in every way so far…he does not ever bark, not fearful of anything, does not jump up on people or furniture, is perfect on a leash during walks no pull or lag behind, crated for 2 hours alone without a problem, left alone free un-crated in the house last night for 4 hours and was perfectly behaved, sleeps quietly all night on a pillow next to my bed, no poo or pee in the house. Palomo loves the water, he is good with puppies and children.

2nd Foster Update: Palomo is great with kids. He is mostly submissive with other dogs. He has been left alone loose in my house for extended periods of time with no problems. He now gets on the bed and/or couch to sleep; that started when I left him alone and I can’t get him to sleep on the floor very easily now. He is NOT a big eater at this point, no matter what he is given. He would not eat the food that was left for him unless mixed with some wet puppy food. I have not fed him people food but did go buy him dry Pedigree after days of trying with the Sudcan. As a result, he rarely poops. He lifts his leg to pee/marks a lot, not ever in the house but it’s sort of nonstop when on walks or in my yard but this may have to do with being neutered recently and so late in life. He bonded extremely fast and will not let me out if his sight. He dug out of the yard in hysterics the one time I did a test leaving him in the yard and walked around the block. We are working on making our fence and gates more secure so hopefully next time he can stay in the yard.


Before leaving Cortez Rescue, all dogs will be given a full medical assessment to insure optimum health, current vaccinations, and desexed

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