I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Piratahas a new furever home.
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1/20: weight is 51.8 lbs

This kind heart has been through a lot! Pirata will look up at you with loving eyes that will melt your heart. A family member brought Pirata in and surrendered him so that he could get the medical attention he needed. Pirata had a damaged, untreated leg that required amputation. After months of wound cleaning that was grueling, he finally was allowed out of his kennel for brief periods of time. He huffs and puffs because it is still difficult but this boy is so resilient and has a will to live like very few dogs we have seen. He loves the smell of trees and bushes and after being cloistered is just so happy to get out of his kennel. He recently learned how to play with toys! He will need someone special to love him. His temperament is so sweet. Many would have put this dog down but because we saw something in him, today he is hobbling around the yard; relearning how it is to be a dog and looking for his forever family.

He arrived with what appeared to be markings around his neck from perhaps being tightly tethered or restricted. As a result, it took us a few weeks to build enough trust in him to allow us to put a collar or leash around his neck. Once Pirata made this trusting breakthrough, he became a very sweet and loving boy. Now he appreciates petting and scratches behind his ears and neck. This guy has persevered and is ready to love again. Because of his front leg amputation, Pirata hobbles a bit when he walks and is not tolerant of all dogs playing with him or around him. He has several dog friends who he feels comfortable with but he considers some dogs threatening or too rough. Temperament: Laid back. Resource guarding: None observed. Prey drive: Unknown. Separation Anxiety: Unknown.

Before leaving Cortez Rescue, Pirata will be given a full medical assessment to insure he remains in optimum health. He currently lives in Baja near Cabo San Lucas.

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