I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Tatianahas a new furever home.
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This beautiful brindle gal is an affectionate lap dog who is smart and wants to be a good girl who still has some puppy left in her. Tatiana is a wonderful dog and will make a great companion. When she looks into your eyes, she looks deeply. Tatiana is super friendly with all visitors, she lives for belly rubs, is not aggressive or a barker, is potty trained (never an accident), doesn’t chew on anything but her own toys, rides well in cars, can be left home alone and she doesn't shed much. She behaves herself when in a stranger’s home. She can be a little ornery but this is offset by her vivacious spirit.

Tatiana gets along well with dogs and will even adjust her play depending on the other dog. In Mexico, Tatiana was fostered with two other dogs her size and they played very well together.

Incredibly smart, Tatiana listens well and trains easily. She comes when called, knows “sit” and “stay.” In fact, she is the first dog we have fostered that will “stay” when told, even when we go out of sight. She has good impulse control and learns quickly. Tatiana is familiar with a crate and although she sometimes naps in one, she prefers to be out in the open. She is good on leash, especially after she settles down. Although she knows basic commands, she can be stubborn at times and not “sit” when she is told.

Tatiana will do well with an adopter who wants to spend time with her as she wants to be connected with her person/people. She would do best in a home with consistent rules. She could go to a home with other dogs; she is really good with puppies.

Tatiana was found abandoned.

Before leaving Cortez Rescue, she was given a full medical assessment to insure she was in optimum health. She currently is being fostered in Portland, OR.

Temperament: Affectionate, wants people connection; Resource guarding: None observed; Prey drive: Likes to chase squirrels; Separation Anxiety: None

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