I've found my furever family!


We're happy to tell you that Woodyhas a new furever home.
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12/02: current weight 39.7 lbs

Foster Update: Woody is very smart, loves attention, really loves to cuddle and licks us at every chance he gets. We assure him that he is a GOOD BOY whenever he exhibites appropriate behavior. We showed him the entire house, and he was very curious. We have a fenced yard, front and back that he explored. We allow him on the couch but not on the beds. We kennel him each night. In the first few hours, he had one “accident” but we didn’t scold him and that was the only time an accident happened. Each time we let him out, we use the term OUTSIDE as he goes out. He always poops outside.

At first, he didn’t seem to respond very well to his name, we worked on that and used treats and that seemed to help. He was jumping up (putting his front paws) on us and the counters in the kitchen. We worked on that with a firm NO or a firm DOWN. Sometimes when he licks, he begins to nibble too. We worked on that with NO and gave him his toy for chewing and showed him that that was GOOD. He likes to watch TV; we have an 86” screen so no one can blame him.

He really enjoyed walks. We took him for a mile long walk each day. He wanted to sniff everything which we allowed him to do. He encountered other dogs and he seemed to only want to play.

He went for a couple of UTV rides. He barks at all the cows and horses. He gets concerned when one of us leaves the UTV to go into the store.
We took him to Amigos Bar for the football game Sunday afternoon.
He did pretty well. He jumped up on the waitress, he was scolded and he didn’t repeat that.

If we were in the market for a dog, we would definitely keep Woody. However, we aren’t looking for a forever dog, only fostering works for us right now. Please find him a good home that will love him back.

Woody is one awesome dog! Good looks to start with and a great personality. He is so loving and starves for all the attention he can get. Woody is happy, playful and active. He is doing great with his pack at the rescue. He is  a little cautious when meeting new dogs. 

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